City TV to air “Canned Salmon Music Festival” December 19


Coastal First Nations are thrilled to share that CityTV will air Miaci: Canned Salmon Music Festival — featuring Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Carsen Gray, Jason Camp & the Poseurs, comedian Sasha Mark, Hayley Wallis, Murray Porter and more —  on Sunday, December 19! 

Yes, at 8pm that evening viewers across British Columbia can tune in to two hours of highlights from the Festival, plus hear interviews with Indigenous Elders and community members. 

For anyone who missed the original event, or wants to share it with friends and family, now’s your chance to discover the amazing lineup of artists and stories! The festival aims to keep salmon – and salmon protectors – swimming strong for generations to come.

Hope you can tune in!

Tune in on CityTV.